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i really really wish i had become the porn star i wanted 2 be at 13. i knew i had something going 4 me and i got fucked out of it. literally.  

forcing a 19 year old 2 have ur baby knowing their situation is gross. 

but i digress. 

hi i miss Myspace sm. 

fb sucks and i h8 it. 

i want 2 share my life and fits with ppl who care not ppl who have me added 2 just be nosy. lame af.

this website is like a breath of fresh air. it doesn't feel so stuffy here (:

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The only active Eamon on SpaceHey

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I miss MySpace too. It's crazy how unrestricted social media was back then huh? Can't believe I got away with seeing some of the stuff I saw when I was only 12 or 13. LOL

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yes ! def didn't need 2 see half the stuff i saw at 12 lol but i had fun

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