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evening scraz fans

today i stayed in bed until 2pm daydreaming and then did an enneagram test. i've listened to some new music today, none of which was very good, and i've also fretted about getting a railcard. not a fun process and it's still not done. 

it's currently 6:35pm and i have no plans with what to do with the rest of my day. none of the fanfics i'm reading have updated, i've watched all my youtube i needed to watch and i've successfully revamped a playlist. 

i did redownload twitter yesterday evening but i realised that by not having access to it for a month i really don't need to use it anymore because all me not having it did was show myself how much better my life is without it. i also watched the 2018 film Driven last night starring Jason Sudeikis and Lee Pace and boy howdy are they yummy in it! especially Sudeikis <3

i've also been lamenting over me being aromantic but it's literally something i can't control and i do hate it a bit. hopefully one day i'll finally fucking be okay with it! this is why i love spacehey bc i can spew all my thoughts with no worries of people seeing. brilliant,

anyways yeah i'm gonna end this daily scraz update here. stay jepic folks.


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