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Social College Life Sucks

I thought college would be amazing, especially since I'm now living in a whole different state and city; how wrong was I? Very. As a 24 year old and most people going to college are fresh outta highschool students, so I have little to nothing in common with them.

Most of them are also Gen Z which is a whole breed of wtf entitlement attitudes, the ones who try and disrespect me and I call them out and they get mad at me telling me to be the bigger person. I just can't seem to win with this generation. Honestly can't wait to graduate and not deal with those losers anymore.

For context I am also an honors student and in an honors society, and yet they still think they are better than me. 

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ronaldo the wizardo

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6 years is barely any difference when it comes to making friends imo. i started going to college part time a year ago and i met my best friend there who's 5 years older than me. and one of the people we have lunch with is in his 30's. sorry u had to deal with bad people and i hope you find people you enjoy

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