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I Attend A Women's College And We're All Fruity

Well, today concludes my first real week of college. I don't feel anything yet. Mainly tired. I made friends on the first day, but that was really unexpected and I doubt other people are going to do the same when they get first get there. My sister helped introduce me to people. If it weren't for her, I'd be stuck in my dorm room all day. My new friends are just as relentless. They always encourage me to get out there with them and have fun. Even when I have to study :T But even then, we still have fun. Like this time when we went out to get ice cream after Bingo Night, and we all piled into someone's tiny little car. There was like 7 of us! The driver played some generic music you'd find on TikTok, like Kim Dracula and Ghost. They were Texan and driving in the middle of Pennsylvania. Needless to say, we took some wrong turns. But it was still fun. There were two people in the front, and the rest of us all piled into the back. I came in last, when there was no more room on the car floor or any of the seats. I had to sit on Sloane's lap. It was awkward the whole time. But if I have to admit, I'd say I didn't mind as much as I pretend I did. Sloane and I have this weird thing where we're friends but we flirt with each other. Not as much as a joke as she does with everyone else. We talked about it. We're both partly joking. But anyways, we had to put our arms around each other to soften the bumps in the road. She held my waist when the car took a sharp turn. I'd say her hand was on my upper thigh. Give or take. So we get out to buy ice cream, and we pile back in. We accidentally came first, so we...well I had to straddle her to make room for everyone. LIKE I WAS FUCKING ON TOP OF HER. In front of 5 other people. This is the first time I ever sat like this and we were both panicking. Alex was howling with laughter. So we just settled with the lap thing again--arms around necks, her hands on my waist and thigh. I had to hold her ice cream so she could eat it. Like it was one of those Dippin' Dots things you get at boardwalks. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I was bright pink. I promise we're just friends.

Update: We are more than friends now. I have to be the sluttiest bitch at this circus right now xD

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