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i started school yesterday and i hate it sm.. i have 2 classes with nobody i know (well i do but we dont talk) and i have a class with my bully but i got my seat moved thankfully so now im on the other side of the classroom. Theres alot of cool kids i wanna be friends with but idk how to speak up. its ok tho i have first bell with my bestie >:)

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hi!! i hope ur doing well!! bahaha i look at ppl and think "i wanna be friends with them". if they also hang out with a couple of your friends too maybe try to get closer that way, or compliment their look or you could ask them for help or whatever else. always start with small talk then work your way up from there. good luck, and i hope that the rest of the year wont be crap!!! have fun and take care!!!

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help i didnt see this until now ty:DD

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hahaha its okk!! ofcofcofc and i hope ur doing well!! have a good one!!

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