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first blog O_o (if you speak eng plz read!!)

hace casi un mes me hice esta cuenta, nunca supe que subir porq no se me ocurría nada, aún estoy intentando descubrir cómo funciona estooo pero bueno, pronto entenderé.

idk if all my spacehey friends speak spanish soo… i’ll try my best to speak spanglish (eng and spanish)
i understand very well this language, actually, i speak english since i was 5 years old. i thought that my english level will upgrade every year, but i’ve gotten insecure abt it, i think i make mistakes even though i know i didn’t… i hate it there
it makes me sad yk… i used to be the best kid in my english class, now i dont even attend to those classes anymore.
BUT..!!! maybe one day i wont be insecure abt it… in fact, i didn’t use goog translator to write this!! obviously i think i’ve made some mistakes but whatever, hope y’all understand ;)

EN RESUMEN espero conseguir muchos amigos acá, la verdad me emociona mucho tener esta cuenta

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