random rants

a couple dedicated to my exes-

u just now realized? not when u blew up my phone 2 days in a row while im trying 2 sleep bcus i barely have in the last 48 hours? not when u kept spamming even when i left u on read? not when u literally INVITED URSELF OVER and still expect me 2 get ready on ur time? like dude u know this is the exact reason i broke up with curt, this shit right here.

i dont even know if i love u anymore. like this shit is a massive turnoff and it only takes 1 thing 2 make me lose feelings. im not attached anymore either, u could break up with me in the most cruel way possible and i wouldnt even cry. bcus i dont cry over people who dont deserve me. saying goodnight and i love u feels like a chore. and im not sorry that im not obsessed with u anymore. im not gunna pretend 2 be obsessed with sum1 who annoys tf outta me with every word that leaves their mouth. o and im not even poly either i just used that as an excuse to see other people on the side.

bro how tf are u gunna break up with me n then get salty that i moved on quickly?u saw me do it 2 other people but when it happens 2 u, u get pissy? u knew i dont get attached even if ur in my life for a while. its not my fault im out here p much incapable of feeling real human emotions. i gotta fake everything in relationships.

some break up notes-

im rlly sorry that i have 2 do this but i cant keep lying. u rlly have changed and r an amazing human being, and deserve nothing but the best. here it is, i never actually had feelings for you. in the very beginning i only dated u because i wanted weed, and didnt know who was safe to buy from. mariah said u were trustworthy, so i chose u. in the last week of our relationship when i was rlly distant it was bcus i was just trying to find a way out. and now, i was just bored and wanted sum1 2 talk to and u were the the only person who i knew would respond. i wasnt expecting you 2 ask me out again. i only said yes bcus i felt bad 4 leading u on. i wanted to end things b4 they got 2 serious.

i cant do this anymore. im sorry. im not mentally okay and i dont want u 2 have 2 deal with it. and im still in love with sum1 else. i dont want u 2 b put thru the feeling that ur gf doesnt actually love you, ive been thru it and it fucking sucks. you deserve better than me.

k that wuz all bai guyzzz :33

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