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haha sick rn unfortunately, im getting better tho. i love seeing all the americans and etc starting the new school year, the start of the school year and the end of the school year are always the best parts of the school year. good luck to u all hoping for a successful and fun start!!!

as i said in my last blog, just moved houses from my extremely small rural country town to this city-ish town in victoria, right behind a train line!! literally our fence is barely a metre behind the train line!! but its fine once ur inside, and when ur outside its really fun to watch. anyways, gotten used to all the buses, still get nervous but im better now!! and as long as i have friends with me im even better than better. but thats how its going for me, im getting used to it here.

getting my exchange forms done so i can be an exchange student in japan for next year and a bit of the year after!! nervous but im sure ill do well!!
thanks loads for reading!!  take care and hoping that all is well!!!

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