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help ???? why is everyones profiles so cool ?????????? i want mine to look cool. i want it to look nature like. also i already got friend requests !!!! you guys are all so cool wowowowowowow. if any of you guys want to text just text me !!! i love chatting, i rly want new friends !! anywasy im going to go make my profile look cool !!!! 

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go to 'layouts', you can start from there and once you find a layout you like, just modify it to your liking

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and if you know html and css you can write the code in the 'about me' section

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i am figuring it out ! coding is so confusing to me but im making changes to other peoples already made layouts :D

by nat~~。.:☆*:・'(*⌒―⌒*))); ; Report

yeah same, i never actually learned html codes, they overwhelm me lol

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