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best things to do when its raining or if ur bored!


~watch ur fav movie or a new movie 
~ft ur friends 
~play videogames
~play a board game or card game 
~jam to ur fav hits 
~go for a walk or run 
~try clothes that u haven't worn in forever or make outfits 
~host a sleepover 
~do a craft 
~make a bucket list
~make a time capsule
~go on a bike ride (or car)
~redecorate your room 
~organize ur room or any space
~do chores 
~start learning a language 
~go shopping 
~have a photoshoot
~learn a new skill 
~take a bath 
~watch your favorite youtuber 
~make smoothies 
~plan a party
~go on street mode on google maps/earth and explore ur neighborhood or something 

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