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mi vida loca <3

A. Age:
B. Best Friend:
rip EMILY 11/02/2011 ☹︎❤︎ lysm
C. Childhood Dream:
 being in Zoey 101★ hehe
D. Dislikes:
HATERS ?! live URRR life thx
E. Eye Color:
light brown, no pupils
F. Fears:
 bein stagnant in life... (like RN 😓)
G. Life Genre:
 LGBT Dystopian 1970s sci-fi horror thriller (indie film)
H. Happiest:
w/ bby nephew 🫀👶🏽 :)
I. Ice Cream:
Vietnamese coffee
J. First Job:
 Frankies Fun Park (10-14 hr shifts 😫)
K. Kids or no?
No kids now, birth n adopt l8r
L. Laughable Memory:
pooped my pants thinkin it was a fart..💨 (1st grade)
M.Mythical Creature:
 Lesbian Vamp
N. Nickname:
O. One Wish:
Win the lotto 🎰
P. Pets or Plants:
Ezra Noon 🐈‍⬛
Q. Quote You Live By:

R. Relationship Status:
SINGLE (no mingle)
S. Siblings:
1 alive, 1 died @ birth (still my guardian 👼🏽)
T. Tattoos?
Yes! need more
U. Unique Talent:
mind reader
V. Vacation:
W.Worst Habit:
Being LATE 🥴
"absent" was my nickname in school
X. Xmas Present:
Bro get me a TESSI
Y. Youtuber You Love:
Z. Zodiac Signs:

MY ENTIRE BLINKIES / STAMPZ / ICONZ N SPARKLIES COLLECTION                                                                                                        


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oooh i wanna do this so bad

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NOW U HAVE 2 can’t wait 2 c

by uw4ntg1g1✮; ; Report


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This is such a cool idea!! If it's all good I might do it too XD

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YESSS eeee pls do! Credit me maybe 🌝 but feel free 2 change any u want I wanna c urs when it’s done

by uw4ntg1g1✮; ; Report