A rant about horror

I absolutely love, love, LOVE the genre, but it has fundamental issues that it needs to grow out of. There's still a lot of horror franchises with egregious writing. Newer movies are improving on this greatly, but still! Most of the iconic movies have bad writing! Think every Friday the 13th, every Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel, 90% of slashers... I still love the genre, don't get me wrong. I have posters everywhere, a Jason action figure, etc. It's my special interest, actually. The writing just needs WORK. 

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Lol yeah, it was a different time. The standards back then weren't as high as today. You have to keep in mind all those actors were B and C list acting in a B movie so it's not going to be stellar. The corny camp writing is part of the charm, people loved it so they went with it and maybe took it a bit far lol. Slashers aren't that high brow to begin with, you might find what you're looking for in terms of writing in the psychological thriller genre. Good mind game movies need good writing to work.

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