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ok so

okay so its been like 3 days since ive started using this? let me talk about it real to be honest yeah its fun adding people and stuff but no one really talks? i have a few people who text me but i shouldnt say anything because i dont even go out of my way to text other people and make friends so im going to test that out and see how it goes THEN ill give a good review about this site...buutt!! i do love decorating which is maybe the best thing about this 

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You can take the rice purity test with your friends and share your scores with each other. This is considered a very good way to bond friendships.

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Lacking a dedicated krunker app that pushes reminders, users are less likely to visit the site. Seemingly, they plan to create one.

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I've been here for 8 days I find people talk more in blog comments and bulletins than the forums and groups, ymmv.

People probably forget about the site because there's no app with notifications lol. Iirc they want to make one.

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Actual Acorn

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glad you're enjoying the site. how do you see pending friend requests?

Can you friend request me real quick? I promise I won't accept it!

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ummm its somewhere in not sure where so goodluck

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It will come up on the home page where the comment notifications are

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