I categorized this as Art because i think creating cosplays counts as an art form.

I don't know who else here enjoys cosplaying, but it's really very fun and freeing. 
Making your own cosplay is such a rewarding experience. I start from scratch on mine. Most of the time it's sewing, but I've made a couple minot props, though I'm not as skilled in that aspect of it yet. I hand sew everything i make because i hate sewing machines. I don't use patterns either, because it doesn't feel as natural to me, though i have no problem with people who use patterns and machines. I love their creativity. 
The first cosplay i made was actually just a vest and Hobbit feet for Frodo. After that, i really went for it and made a Loki cosplay. That took me 7.5 months and I'm still not technically finished yet. I made a Winter Soldier cosplay but i can't wear it because the arm got damaged and i need to make a new one. I made my own version of The Riddler and during that project learned that i absolutely cannot for the life of me sew a pair of pants. I've made a Harley Quinn that has a tank top sort of top to it for warmer weather and a Steampunk Harley for cooler weather. I really liked how the Steampunk one turned out. I made a Hawkeye vest, though I've only worn it twice. I made a Thomas Sharpe cosplay (from Crimson Peak). And i made a Kaz Brekker cosplay complete with the crow head cane and a stuffed Milo the goat. 
I'm currently working on a Dalek cosplay, which is tricky because it's entirely out of foam and I'm not used to working with foam yet. I'm also working on a Captain Hook cosplay (Once Upon a Time version). After i finish those, i want to make a cosplay of Dream/Morpheus from Sandman. 
Anyway, let me know if any of you cosplay and what you cosplay as! Note that i don't really know any anime characters so if it's an anime cosplay, let me know which one it's from. 

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i love cosplay it is my special interst i also hand sew everything cusz i cant use a sewing mcahine correctly id love to be friends with u on here or any othr socials :P

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omgg yess! im a cosplayer too and its so fun to piece the cosplay together! its really rewarding in the end ^-^

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Ember Ashes

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HI! I love cosplay, and I hope to make all the cosplay friends on here!!

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