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8/20/22 day 3

Haiii...forgot to do an entry yesterday SORZ XP... these past few days have mostly been the same :/ i was alone today for the most part but im kind of used to it. well some old friends did approach me which i was surprised cause we hadn't spoke to in a while but it was nice catching up a bit.. i wonder if they'll start approaching me more :-0. OH and i bought my sister her gifts for her birthday tmr!!!(i kinda forgot it was her bday cuz i been so busy so i feel bad) :DDD im kinda sad that we can't do anything for her bday cuz everyone is always so busy,, we haven't been doing much together as a family anymore, which is inevitable but o whale. Ill still show my appreciation for her in my own way (even though we don't talk and haven't for months :||) but that's okay!!!I still love her no matter how mean she is to me :0 also I went to the gym for a bit but i barely had any time ._. but i love how i feel after so it was still worth it. lifes been dull for the most part but im focusing on being productive and getting my school work done after so many years of being lazy and distracted. IM MOTIVATED. but still loneliness isn't all that bad anyways. im in need of change badly... so i think ill be getting my hair dyed soon (i have outgrown brown/red hair rn it not cute ~,~) but im thinking of like a grayish black with grey highlights (TRUST THE VISION) i hope it looks good cause my hair really does affect how i feel. but ya that's it for today.

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THE HAIR WILL LOOK AMAZING!!! also happy bday ash's sister!!!

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