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Bands/Musicians I Consider Overrated Part II

5.) AC/DC - God I can not believe I at one point liked this band when I was growing up. -_- Why I saw the appeal of them, I will never know. Their lyrics are misogynistic (as most 70s and 80s Butt Rock tends to be) and look like they were written by horny teenage boys and not to mention their vocalist sounds like Marge Simpson bombing at Metal. What makes this band twice as cringy is a lot of Boomer and Gen X Women dig that garbage. They don't give a shit if it sounds like the music equivalent of 50 Shades of Grey. They only care that it's catchy and they can boogie down to it (but then that's how most music goes. As long as someone makes a catchy song people enjoy, nobody cares about song meanings. People are not listening to be educated, they're listening to be entertained). Not to mention their songs are fucking overgrown Frat Boy Anthems. As for me, I would sooner go through a Police Interrogation than endure Black is Back or even Dirty Deeds. Puke O Rama much? 

4.) Nirvana - This next one is very controversial and frankly, I don't give a fuck. Life is controversial, get over it! First and foremost, Nirvana did not invent Grunge (that honour depending on your source, would go to Tina Bell or Green River). Nirvana only brought that shit into the mainstream thus turning it into a fad. Not to mention they stole their best material from better bands like The Melvins, The Killing Joke, and The Smithereens. And then there's Kurt himself. The less I say, the better, but I will admit, I'm Team Courtney (she was at least right about Harvey Weinstein). If you listen to Hole's material during the time Kurt and Courtney were together, it is a guide map to Kurt's abusive and entitled behaviour. How he lives on in tapestries, posters and t-shirts is beyond me. Besides, by the time Nirvana hit it big in 91, there were already better Grunge bands on the scene: Soundgarden, Love Battery, the aforementioned Green River, and Lunachicks to name a few. Nirvana was a fail of a band. They were about as edgy as Justin Beeber in an Iron Maiden shirt

3.) The Beach Boys - When people think of Surf Rock, the first band that comes to their mind is typically The Beach Boys (the apparent faces of the genre). Not me though. I think of real Surf Bands/Musicians like The Bel-Airs, The Ventures, Link Wray. All The Beach Boys were at best was Bubblegum Pop with a surf niche. Their vocalist sounds whiney, their songs are crap, and everybody likes them. I would rather bathe naked in a pool filled with boiling Surströmming (Pickled Herring that smells nasty) Brine, Bleach, Hot Ice, and Gasoline than endure Surfing USA or that cringy Wouldn't It Be Nice song. And don't get me started on Kokomo (unless it's Globey's cover (see Pee-Wee Gets an iPad for reference). His version was better). 

2.) Aerosmith - Getting their start as a staple in Blues Rock in the 70s, followed by a resurgence in the Butt Rock genre in the 80s and 90s, Aerosmith is iconic to almost everyone. Nothing about them to me is redeemable. It's just typical Butt Rock Shtick with no substance to back it up. And then there is Steven Tyler: Douchebag, super shrill vocalist, and one time pedophile. Not to mention he is the ugliest son of a bitch I've ever seen. He looks like every chain smoking Boomer granny you'd see at a bar. I mean Jesus Christ those big ass lips of his! Thank God he fell out of cultural relevance once more after American Idol. May he forever remain in The Junkyard of Cultural Irrelevance next to the Napoleon Dynamite Merchandise, Rebecca Black Friday Memes and boxes upon boxes of unsold William Hung CDs. 
Before I get to my #1 Pick, here are some honourable (or in this case, dishonorable mentions): 

1.) Chuck Berry (Pedophile, fraud and he gave us that unfunny song about his dick)
2.) Van Halen (Their songs are the Wet Dreams of Alcohol Commercials and not to mention Eddie Van Halen was not that talented of a guitarist)
3.) Poison (yet another cringy act in a long line of cringy Hair Metal bands (and that's saying a lot) 
4.) Stryper (They were hilarious (in a sad cringy kind of way)
5.) Air Supply (Their brand of Soft Rock was so awful, that it makes me envy the deaf) 
6.) Kid Rock (The Walking, Talking Definition of An Epic Failure of an excuse for Trash)
7.) Disturbed (An obnoxious One Hit Wonder Bar Band that later got famous off a Simon and Garfunkel song)
and 8.) UB40 (A band that brings happiness to White Frat Girls who prefer their Reggae watered down and accessible to their ignorant minds -_-) 
And the #1 Overrated Musician imo is... 

Elvis Presley. Known to many as The King of Rock n Roll, Elvis was realistically a shitty person. First off, he stole most of his early material without giving credit to the original artists behind the songs. Hound Dog by Big Mama Thornton was a prime example if you need proof. Not to mention he was a pedophile. He looooooooved teenage girls often getting into tickle fights with them. Not to mention he dated Priscilla when she was 14 and got guardianship of her. Then when she was 18, they got married, Elvis got bored and cheated on her with another 14 year old. But none of that matters and I'll tell you why: As long as you bring happiness to millions of people everywhere, you can do anything you want without repercussions 🙄. In other words, Elvis was and still is the walking, talking definition and face of Celebrity Privilege (a real and ugly thing most people disregard disgustingly enough. They don't care. As long as they have their creature comforts, they are satisfied enough. And if you do anything to change that, you're the villain). Fuck Elvis Presley! His "music" sucked and his movies made Bedtime For Bonzo look like Citizen Kane! He was a failure of a human being. It makes me wish Chris Hansen had been invented in the 50s so Elvis could end up dodging the Celebrity Privilege circle. 

Do you agree with my list? (Likely not). What are your least favourite bands/musicians? Put that in the comment section

My list of Underrated Bands/Musicians to he posted tomorrow

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