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Retro Life & You | I miss 2000s Electronics...

You know, I miss the old days when BlackBerry/s were a thing...

I managed to salvage and partially restore an old Blackberry 8520 to at least functioning order and, MAN, do the memories flood in!

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I was one of those kids that got their parents hand-me-down phones as their main devices, and my Blackberry served me well from Middle School all the way to just before I ended High School. Plenty of stuff was done and enjoyed with it, like watching 240p Minecraft videos, listening to the hottest Dubstep and Techno tracks of the day, even managed to install a few games on it via the old J2ME it had.

It's such a shame BlackBerry basically left their old phones to die back in January. Nowadays there's hardly even a way to use their newer BlackBerry 10 devices unless you use old Android 4.3 apps (which has been practically abandoned since 2019).

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I had 2 palm pilots I miss lol. Old tech had more character. You might like this YouTube channel, he does a series called When Phones Were Fun

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Oh I know him, been a Sub for a while now. In fact, he might be the reason while I began to feel nostalgic for old Devices. Well, him, LGR, Techmoan, Cathode Ray Dude, and Technology Connections.

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Lmao! We share a lot of yt subs. I just found Technology Connections last year.

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