Miraculous Brain Cleansing

 Miraculous Brain Cleansing 

During the process of a Miraculous Brain Cleansing, also called the Method of Manifesting Mental Matters, Successful Scientific Neuro-Sedation, or just "The Cleansing" we come to the realization that within the cosmos there is only one Endlessness, Luminescence of Love that penetrates the all and everything, and therefore this present, being omnipotent, has to be right inside us, as well. With this attunement of our own brains, we reach an extasy of achievement with the acceptance of brand-new possibilities in the universe, we are able to ‘see’, ‘feel’ and speak of the prosperity we desire as already ours. Then we easily let the universe own our souls.

A pure ‘Cleansing’ is not about convincing God to do favors for us. It is becoming aware of the pure God presence deep down.

Step 1: Acknowledge that within the universe there is only ONE pervading presence, just ONE force encompassing the all and everything that is in existence, and only ONE energy from which all things are made of.  Many people throughout the ages have called this Source of all things, God. Your name is not important, what matters is that we recognize this truth of the Light of God's love.

Step 2: Having recognized the magnificence and superpower of the ONE (and only one) presence that is absolutely everywhere within the universe, you will realize that this same intelligence that created everything, does not stop being where we are. Therefore, it is within us; It is the substance that life is made of. In this step you become aware of who we really are: Divine Beings made of God’s light energy and having a human soul.

Step 3: Name your desire(s) with the feeling that as you do this, it is already yours. You are moving away from the feeling of ‘wanting’ to the feeling of ‘having’ already received.

Step 4: Summon, from within yourselves, a feeling of gratitude. Of course, the Source of ‘ALL That Is’, does not need your gratitude to function; it is rather that an attitude of gratitude opens your consciousness to receiving better. As the Law of the universe is such that what you focus on, is what you manifest in your experience, when you are focused on the good that you already have, then you can only attract good business prosperity and richness

Step 5: Once you have accomplished the four previous steps, all you need to do is trust!!! You release it to the wisdom and the love of the universe. The Creator does not require your input on ‘how’ our desire is manifesting itself for us!

To learn more about ‘Miraculous Brain Cleansing’ and manifesting the life of your dreams, see fully accredited Classes within the APC Foundation Trust.

Email:  apondercollins@gmail.com for more info

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