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last day of summer T_T

as the title suggests, i am now inbound for the hellscape known as school. my last day was pretty good though, i got to hang out with friends and get outside (which is hard to do when you're mentally ill), which i think i needed and really helped me feel better. 

i ate dinner at said friend's house and had some really good food, which i would've asked for more of if my friend had gotten more; i didn't want to seem impolite. and it doesn't help that these people eat such small portions. they're delicious, but so short lived...
Anyway, i hope that maybe this school year won't be as dreadful as the last, and maybe i'll start talking to people more, who knows? also, i may or may not be planning the downfall of my old art teacher. i'm going to go get ready for tomorrow, wish me luck-

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