my issue with Horror :)

okay, so this post might be a itty bitty bit controversial, but tbh this is just my opinion, if you disagree you are welcome to say why in the comments, I am open to hear them.

but anyways, I think it's kinda weird how horror media and thrillers and stuff like that like to make rehab centers and mental hospitals sound like scary places, and yes, there are bad hospitals, I am aware, I have heard experiences from friends that weren't good and it's terrible some are like that, but still people are demonizing these establishments to make them look like scary and terrible places, where yes, they had a terrifying history and yes I understand if the horror is about those things that's fine, what bothers me is when it has nothign to do with that they're just trying to make it seem bad to get help for disorders and demonizing those with mental disorders, showing them as monsters and freaks. also making it seem bad for people getting help, like getting help is a bad thing when it is not, but I do feel one should be weary if they do go into one or have a family member go into one and make sure where they're going isn't going to mess them up more. it's terrible things like nursing homes and mental hospitals and rehab centers are not the place of care they say they are

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