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Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke: Part 1

Hey everyone!. This is the start of my journey into the Hoenn region! I started off arriving into my new hometown Littleroot Town. I started off by picking Mudkip as my started and I named him Fuu! after a good friend of mine. Mudkip is a good starter due to it's only real weakness being grass types which Hoenn doesn't have any real tough match ups and also allows me to easily clear the 1st, 3rd and 4th gym really easy. 

After getting Fuu, I set off on my journey as certified Pokémon Trainer. I catch my first Pokémon in the wild which was a Zigzagoon and name him Tail. I don't know why I chose such a generic name it just was the first thing that came to mind. Afterwards I catch a Pocheyena and name her Toad and a Ralts named Moose. (I really like Moose). I proceed to train up my team a bit and thank god for 4x speed otherwise this would take forever. I proceed to help Wally catch his first Pokémon and pray that he does not catch a shiny Ralts because if he does I might just throw my laptop. Most of my run is preparing myself for the first Gym Leader Roxanne. I get a cute little Wurmple and name him ThatBoy. Wurmple's have no business being that cute. I also catch a Magickarp named Henry (After another good friend) and a Shroomish named Sponge!. 

After I get everyone leveled up and ready for Roxanne. My only Pokémon to evolve was basically ThatBoy into a Dustox. I pray nothing goes wrong as I lead with Sponge and wreck Roxanne's whole team somehow. Although it came really close to me losing her! With that first Gym Badge out of the way. We make our way to Dewford Town!

Everything up until this point has been pretty underwhelming in terms of difficulty, but that is about to change soon as I learn the hard way to study my matchups! but that is it until next time when we take on the Second Gym Leader Brawley.

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Have you ever played pokemon rom hacks? I am currently playing through some

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I have!. I'm also playing through Xenoverse

by Pender; ; Report

very cool

by Ryan; ; Report