Thanks for 100 Friends!

Hi all! I've got a quick blog entry to make today.
This is because I've hit 100 friends here on SpaceHey ^-^

I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to check out my profile and sending over a request.
Alternatively, I'd also like to thank those who accepted my friend request if I happened to send one to you.

I feel like I've made some improvements with my goal of being more sociable ^^
I've been commenting on people's bulletin posts which has led to some small but still really nice conversations. Much more interactive than simply "liking" something like you'd do on other social media sites.

I'm hoping SpaceHey can gain some traction once again. I feel as if it goes through instances of decent activity to being somewhat dead. I especially would love to connect and befriend those who are close to my age (20s-30s) and have similar interests <:

Not much else to report other than that. 
Just a bit of rambling and a thanks to all my SpaceHey friends ~

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congrats!! i hope youll find likeminded people to talk to and be friends with ^-^

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Thanks so much ^v^ Same here!

by Ducky Deathly™️; ; Report


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congrats on 100! hoping to reach that goal too soon :)

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Thanks so much ^w^! I hope you reach that milestone as well!

by Ducky Deathly™️; ; Report


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Loving the new Blog!. I feel like once they make an app for spacehey it will get more consistent usage. It's hard to track comments and messages without notifications. Especially since most people tend to be busy with work and stuff so they aren't on the site always.

I can relate to the being more sociable part. I'm always trying to talk and make new friends!

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Yeah, that would definitely help bring in more traction. I'll admit, I do kind of like the surprise of logging in after being away for the day/a few days and seeing those "New ___" notifications. Brings me back c':

and yay!! Same here ^^ It an be tough but fulfilling in the end

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Congrats on 100. :)

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Thank you ^-^

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