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150 000


We passed 150 000 people on SpaceHey - That's incredibly awesome!! I actually can't quite believe it! I don't know what to say other than THANK YOU! Thank you to every single one of you - you rock!
When I created SpaceHey, I would have never believed if someone told me that less than a year later, over 150 thousand people will use SpaceHey. And yet, that's exactly what's the case now. Over 150 thousand of you have found a new home on SpaceHey, share and talk about the tings you care about, use it as an outlet for your creativity and spread positivity and kindness. That's so much more than I could've ever dreamt of!
SpaceHey is now 11 months old (time flies!), I am working on it daily, and yet there is so much more to come - I am not only working on improvements and moderating the community, I'm also working on so many amazing new features which I can't wait to share with you - so stay tuned!

New Stickers!

In the past months, I financed SpaceHey solely through the SpaceHey Shop where you can buy Stickers - Thank you to everyone who bought a bunch, I really appreciate your support! Starting today, I changed the Shop a bit - you can now pay whatever amount you like to support me, and I'll send you some SpaceHey Stickers! I also got round Stickers now, which will be included in the Sticker-Pack in addition to the existing square ones.


As you may have noticed, I've worked a lot on improving the overall performance of SpaceHey in the past weeks. With more users on the platform, I also need more powerful Servers. I migrated all SpaceHey Servers to a completely new infrastructure recently, which makes it much faster and which will allow me to scale it even further more easily in the future. This also improves the way I deploy code changes, run updates, etc. If you're interested in all of this technical stuff, let me know in the comments, and I'll consider writing a technical write-up on this topic :)

Thank you

I didn't want to make this blog post too long (well, it kinda is now I guess - sorry!), I just wanted to say thank you to every single one of you. You are all so kind and creative and awesome.
SpaceHey has led me to so many new places these past months already, like getting interviewed by BBC, my first time speaking at a conference, being invited to a podcast, getting featured on Wikipedia and so much more - which is really incredible!
SpaceHey has been an amazing journey so far, and I look forward to sharing the next milestones with you!
I have so much planned for SpaceHey, and we're just getting started!

Have an amazing day, everyone!

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Token Skylark

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An, I sent you a email regarding verification. Can you verify my account please?

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Paddy ☘️

Paddy ☘️'s profile picture

Make a app pls

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we used myspace on our phones though lol but it wasnt an app. it was internet browser

by Chris Macal; ; Report


Brandon's profile picture

THANK YOU! This simple, retro site makes me happy.

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Giuseppe's profile picture

Create the Spacehey Music site :)

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Taylor Kent

Taylor Kent's profile picture

having an album section would be nice. So that way our profile picture wont be the only one we can have without coding in one.

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Blue Hefner

Blue Hefner's profile picture

If youre reading this, go ahead and shoot me a friend request ! and follow me on IG @dareal301tonee

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andood's profile picture

Please don't make this a new Facebook. Keep it og and simple great work. Things will change but let's keep this alive man.

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Lily Flores🌺

Lily Flores🌺's profile picture

Amazing, it's time for a new road on the media now, other platforms has too many hate being allowed, this one feels like the right place to be and share as much desired in positivity not just shadow banning away for just being right.

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Tegan Tantalize

Tegan Tantalize's profile picture

Thats so awesome... This platform is about to Crush Facebook. LOL

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Hi how are you doing

by Kimbery; ; Report

I am doing good. How are you?

by Tegan Tantalize; ; Report


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congratulations, that's a huge milestone! i'm new here, and very much curious to see where spacehey goes in the future. you've got a great thing here!

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Vivi's profile picture

This reminds me so much of MySpace lol can’t wait to see where this thing goes so exited!!

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Right it is the old school Myspace It is exactly the same minus the name. Which is awesome

by Tegan Tantalize; ; Report

Yes is really cool I love it I just gotta learn how to use it lol

by Vivi; ; Report


𝓜𝜪𝐍|K𝝖's profile picture

That's amazing news. I can't wait to see spaceheys evolve over the future.
Personally I am excited to have a platform that is different then fb. Thank you!

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by Tegan Tantalize; ; Report

Ianna Lou

Ianna Lou's profile picture

thank you for your hard work, you are a genius making this happen!! Im hoping for an app soon, fingers crossed haha

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ciara's profile picture

i can't wait to see where you're at now! your site is done so well thank you for your hard work and everyone else involved.

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Justøn Reed

Justøn Reed's profile picture

Honestly man, I have been horribly depressed. Social media has been draining me badly. But I have missed Myspace so much and talk about it constantly and the fact you have done this and brought it back for all of us, just thank you. Thank you x1,000,000. This has meant the world to me man.

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Hi how are you doing

by Kimbery; ; Report

im doing ok

by Justøn Reed; ; Report


CalmStorm's profile picture

So glad you made this, brings some old memories back and peace. No horrible ads, privacy issues or anything like that with FB.

I am hoping you work on an app for this site soon, that would be awesome. Until that happens, I added the shortcut to my homepage on my phone lol

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Seriouzmo's profile picture

Let me get some stock in specehey

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Neli Keli

Neli Keli 's profile picture

yeah dude this website is lit. will there be an app released?

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Sydney's profile picture

Definitely love SpaceHey. So many Nostalgic feelings on this site. I may get rid of my other social media for this one. Can't wait to see how much you grow on this site.

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