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stumbled into heaven by accident

I dropped by a certain hobby shop looking for some nice paint for a project I was working on,and since they're a hobby shop,they also sold merch,and there I found heaven.

they had SOOO much early 2000s merchandise! I'm talking from lucky star,toro inoue and even series such as kamen rider den 0 and astro boy!!!! I was so excited to see all the merch(and at such a great deal too). I ended up getting three lucky star keychains for $5 each,and a momotaros keychain as well! (^___^)♡

There were more stuff I wanted but didn't get because I do not have enough cash to get em (*´;ェ;`*)

I finally have a bit more monies now so I'd like to get a few more items,but I'm really bad with directions so I'm unsure if I can get there myself,but I'll try my luck anyway! d=(^o^)=b

If I manage to find my way back to that shop tomorrow I'll be sure to take some pics and post it here (if I can figure out how to upload photos in the first place lol)

you can check out my twitter to see pics if I can't seem to figure out how to upload photos here I guess (^___^;)

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Lucky!!! I've never seen Kamen Rider merch in person :((

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over here you can find them in a lot of shops ! just that it's mostly the more recent series ^___^

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That's perfectly fine with me tbh! I really loved Revice!

by PhantomStar; ; Report


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:0 it's so hard to find cheap anime merch where I am! 5 dollar keychains would be a steal - especially for older shows like lucky star or haruhi suzumia....

also spacehey is funky since you can't upload photos directly. You can use an external host like imgur or you can just post it to your regular social media and right click -> copy link address. I know it works for Tumblr and discord, should work for Twitter too.

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It was such a steal! I can't wait to go back there when I can >_

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Awesome find! Good luck on the way back there!

I use for pictures here, it's free and there's no upload limits.

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thanks ! I'll give that a try ^___^)b

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