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📬 Mail day! 🌬️ Come see what I got 😜

Sup Spaceheyers! It's a wonderful day here in Canada 🇨🇦 A day off work and the sun is shining, the clouds are perfectly fluffy, and my cannabis order from Budmail came in! Can't get much better than that! First out of the box is this amazing oz of God's Green Crack from Superdank, I can't believe it was only $99! I've had Tuna Kush from the same brand last month that was mind blowing, this bag looks even better than the last. Next up is Mystery Haze shatter from Kootenay Labs. Haven't gotten a chance to try it yet, but it looks great. Not much of a smell, but shatter usually doesn't smell much. I've had tons of their product so I know it will be good. It's not a Budmail order without at least one g of Kootenay. Finally we have Grape Runtz from Taco Farms. Taco grows some of the best plants I've ever smoked, we simp for Taco in this house. This is a reorder, so good I had to get it again. She'll knock you off your feet easy so go slow with this one! Which one would you like to try the most? 🤭
Thanks for reading! ✌️💚

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Jon 🐇

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I gotta move to Canada...
I have some Runtz right now, not sure which one it is 'cuz my plug didn't know either.
They all look amazeballs! :D

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I hope my new batteries show up today so I can try that shatter lol. The ones I have now are getting old and don't heat up the Huni Badger enough anymore. Daily use with 2 nicotine vapes and a concentrate vape, they gave us a good 2 years but need to be put to rest at the recycling facility now 🙏

The runtz is soooo good I got 3 people totally wasted with it Sunday muahahahaha. The GGC is great daytime smoke, doesn't drag you down.

The government store weed used to be so bad but they've come around the past year or two. It's still way cheaper to get it online through the "green market", at least in NS. My friend in Ontario has way more selection. He's always telling me to try this brand and I look for it and nope, not here The site I use has been running for over a decade, I used to send them money orders lmao.

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