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Weird people I met on the internet (ranked with only descriptions) most from discord alone

1. Pedophile that tried to pretend like he had my Ip

2. random dude from another country asking me to marry him even though I told him I was 12
3.17 y/o that wanted me to promise my virginity to him 
(I was 13) 
5. 12 y/o that tried to tell me to kms and I ended up helping him stop being bullied at school
6. 8y/o that prentended to be a 17 y/o black girl and her brother who pretended to be black too and was creepy around middle schoolers
7. wannabe Nazis (I've met a lot and they're annoying, especially when they suck at speaking german)
8. 2 sexists that were like 12, also one of them was racist
9. My friends ex who was a necrophile that wanted to kill me and him and fuck his corpse
10. this one guy who tried to take over a server I co owned with his bot then got mad when no one wanted to make him mod 

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omg this reminds me of years ago when I was on an app which helped you to connect with people all over the world and I found this guy and we started talking and from the beginning he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. And of course I said no and he started telling me that I hurt him really bad and that if I won't be his girlfirend he will kill himself and write a goodbye letter with my picture on it but he didn't even have my picture??? lol

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LMAO wtf, some people are out of their minds fr

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lol number 2 reminds me of a guy on omegle that wanted to marry me and said he loved me, it was soo weird :[

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omegle is scary

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