putting every unhinged thought into my notes app from now on

Every time I start overthinking things even if I know what I'm thinking is stupid I started putting it in a notes app so I don't send whatever text I was gonna send that I'd be embarrassed about 2 seconds after I sent it. So far it's working and it feels like I'm not sitting on a ticking time bomb of fear and emotions that'll spill out over a slight misunderstanding on my part. I didn't realize how much I over react in a day until I did that because usually I'd just bottle it up and forget about it until it keeps popping back up, seeing it all laid out in front of me made me realize that I'm just really insecure about a lot of things for no reason. I feel kind of embarrassed about it now but I think I'm gonna keep doing it.

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Good idea 👍 I think I'll try it myself.

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