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First Nuzlocke:Pokemon Emerald

As the title implies I have started my first ever Nuzlocke!!!! I've been watching a lot of nuzlocker's lately and have decided to try one out for myself. For those unfamiliar with what a Nuzlocke Is, It's basically playing Pokémon on hard mode with a set of rules. Now these rules can vary depending on the level of difficulty you are trying to achieve. These are the rules I've chosen to imploy myself 

1. If a Pokémon in your party where to faint you must release that Pokémon into the wild. If you're whole party wipes In battle and you black out, you must start the game from scratch.

2. I can only catch 1 Pokémon per route. If you fail to catch that Pokémon, you must wait for the next route. I do play with Species Clause which allows me to reroll encounters until I get a unique one. So If I caught a Wurmple in one route but another route later has Wurmple's and that's my first encounter on that route I can reroll until I get a unique encounter for said route.

3. I cannot use Items in battle. I can use them outside of battle or use Pokémon centers as much as I'd like.

4. I also play the game on set mode. It means that when I defeat a trainers Pokémon It does not let me switch my Pokémon out to counter It. I must keep the Pokémon in and switch out afterwards. It allows for more unpredictability If I'm unfamiliar with that games battles.

Now with the rules out of the way! I will start to update my journey on a regular basis as I progress. 

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i hope you have fun! i have always wanted to do a nuzlocke but i get far too attached to my pokémon to release them... T_T

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I know!! I lost my tailow so far and almost cried Dx

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