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Sunday today, then tomorrow it’s Monday. When will I stop feeling like I’m left out. I’m not for cryptic blogs or anything. Nobody will read these anyways. Everyone is either engaged, married, about to get married, having babies and I feel like I’m still 18 years old, a kid in my head. I don’t enjoy hearing anyone talk about rings, kids, husbands and wives. That shit serves to remind me how out of the loop I am, how I’ll probably never have any of that. 

What I simply wanted was to be asked to get married. To be somebody’s something. But as of today I’m nobody’s anything. It’s sad, I guess I’m playing the victim in my head. All I know is if I have to live through another engagement announcement I’ll go crazy. No, Im not happy for you, Im not happy you had a kid, I don’t want to see any more photos of kids doing anything. This is what happens when I date older men, all this crap that comes with it

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