Benefits of Journaling (And a bit of a life update)

Good evening, everyone! It’s been a while since my last blog entry.
I’m feeling rather chatty so I thought it would be fun to write a little something while also giving a brief life update.

Since my last personal post, A LOT has changed. The biggest thing being that I am now a part-time caregiver to an elderly relative of mine whose health is declining. While this isn’t technically my first time being considered their caregiver, this time around things are more hands-on (both figuratively and literally) due to them becoming more debilitated with health and age.

Unfortunately, due to finances my family isn’t able to put them in a nursing/elderly people home. With that, people within my family are rotating between caretaker duties. Due to me being a freelancer and having the ability to work from home, I’m considered one of the prioritized caregivers. Admittedly, this is no easy feat, but I’m doing the best I can
 ( ╥ω╥ )

In addition to this, there have been delays with the apartment I’ve been hoping to get. The property manager I was working with had left to a new job. He said he would give me a contact to reach out to but never did. I’ve called and left numerous messages to the people in the office who are covering for him (I’m assuming they haven’t found a proper replacement yet) but still have no definitive answers if I can still get the unit or not

Needless to say, I think it’s safe to say I’m in a bit of a transitional period. Kind of lame with me nearing my 30s and all while still feeling as if I’m still in my early 20s. I’m just going through the motions and making the most with what I can just until I can figure it all out
( ̄□ ̄;;)

Something that’s been helping me just a little bit these days is journaling. Journaling is something I was doing back in late 2020/early 2021 but had stopped for a while. I decided to pick it back up again and I’m really glad I have. I think it’s really cathartic to express your unaldulterated feelings in a safe and private space.

A change I made from my previous journal attempt is writing/drawing in a sketchbook rather than a regular notebook. I felt with a lined notebook, I was limited to how I could format each page (perhaps this is because how I used to have to write essays and stuff in notebooks when I was in school.) With a sketchbook, the lack of lines gives my mind more freedom to just do whatever I want on the page. Whether it be writing, drawing/doodling, or even just scribbling. I found this to be a really good way for me to express my feelings no matter if they’re positive/negative/anything in between.

 Thankfully, I live in households where I don’t have to worry about that privacy being invaded, so I understand if you’re in a situation where keeping a physical journal could be risky. Another thing I’m considering doing is also writing in a digital journal (whether it be a journal app or a locked social media account with little to no followers.) In case I don’t feel like writing/drawing physically, I can also type things out. That may be another useful way for you to let it all out!

Not much else to report. Like I said, I’m in a bit of a transitional period. I suppose all I can do is get through it the best I can until I have things figured out (whenever that is @_@)

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day ^-^

(Sorry for no cute gifs to accompany the text. I’m typing this on my iPad)

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