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annoyed ( boundary setter)

guys im not rlly comfy with random intense flirting especially when we just became friends and it makes me uncomfy? if u wanna joke and stuff maybe jus use tone tags like once in a while to help me not feel as uneasy.

(below this is directed towards ppl i have unfriended)
something else that i have noticed is that sometimes when i unfriend someone they start pestering my friends or partner(qpp included) please stop!!! I unfriend ppl when im uncomfy that is the default reason and i do NOT want anyone being brought into something they dont want just because i unfriended u. 
i get that it's my fault for talking abt my partner(qpp included)  user(s) in my bio but even then ppl that used to know me well annd knew who i was close to are bothering my friends. i'm very sad that i have to post this but since it's happening more often so i feel like i should adress that i dont want any pestering towards anyone bcuz i unfriended u??

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if your gonna befriend some1 tell em all your boundaries so they understand it. the best way 2 do it n if they cross it thats your decision what 2 do. stay safe

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don't forget about block buttons :)

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