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got a new game 2day :D + other stuff (8/12/2022)

i got left 4 dead 2 from my friend!! :D im so excited to play it. it looks rlly rlly rlly fun !! ive never been that good at shooter type games but i think this will be a nice change since sit back n relax games r starting to get boring :S

speaking of trying something new!! i wanna start a CD collection!! my local electronics shop(??) has a really cool vinyl and cd section that has some rlly good songs and albums there that i WANT SO BAD!!! my dad recently gave me his old cd player (that still works somehow xP) and i think it'd be a nice use of it :)

having such a big selection of physical things i can use at any time has always been a fun idea but ive never gotten a chance to properly do anything with that idea <:/ but its fine because TOMORROW WILL BE THE DAY I GET MY FIRST CD!! (hopefully)

i already know which one im gonna get....... >:)

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cd tour when ur collection grows?!?!? x3

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zomg absolutely!!!

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