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My Letter Of Facebook Resignation

I'm taking the plunge. I'm sick of FB and what it has become and how people act there. Decided to announce me leaving to everyone there and Ill be making spacehey my new home.


I’ll probably be making my leave from fb real soon. Y’all don’t give af anyways and I’ve been marked on here by the algorithm for all my content to be suppressed.
When I deleted the app on Xmas it was I guess a first step. I have honestly been feeling better from that as weird as that sounds.
I love seeing all the posts and love and connections everyone has but then I look at my own stuff and my own life and see how I don’t really have any of that. I mean yea I reach out when I can but never see it in return.
Maybe it’s my depression not allowing me to feel these connections. Maybe it’s the way I portray myself or maybe it’s just how FB is set up to allow us not to care enough to reach out because we see updates from our “friends” everyday... Idk.
I’m just sick of feeling left out so I’m just gonna dip out.
When I write about mental health it’s what I live through. I’m not just writing a fucking song. And if I’m ever going to get better I need to leave this behind.
Because on top of all of that the hate I see here everyday isn’t healthy. It’s sickening and I’m not going to support it.
Ill leave some details soon on other platforms you can find me on but I don’t think y’all care enough to even interact there either because y’all don’t do it here now.
Love you all. And if you really want to connect and chat I’ll for sure keep my discord public for anyone to message me.
See you backstage fam.

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