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Hello, Everybody. 

Today I Would Like To Talk About Renowned Producer, Timbaland. 

I Think This Man Is Probably The Most Important Person In Pop Culture History. Forget About The Beatles And Forget About, Like, Wham! Or Whatever. Timbaland Takes The Cake. Every Single Song Produced By This Man Is A Masterpiece. To Be Honest With You All, I Love Justin Timberlake A Lot, But His Songs Without Timbaland Are Fucking Bad As Shit. Timb Completes Timberlake. That's Just One Example.

I Think Timbaland Changed The Course Of Pop Music In A Really Positive Way, And The Sound That He Curated Persisted Through The 2000s, Shaping The Decade To Feel Very Special. Not Only Does It Have Nostalgic Value, It Is Genuinely Appealing To My Ear. In My 4000 Years Of Existence, I Must Say, I Have Never Regarded A Musician As Highly As I Have Timbaland. 

I Haven't Paid Much Attention To Music Beyond 2011, But I Believe That Once The Likes Of Sia And Katy Perry Came Onto The Scene, Pop Music Truly Began Its Descent Into The Pits Of Hell. I Don't Actually Know What Happened. I Admit I Have To Study Up On It. 

I Have Hope For The Future Of Pop Music. Recently, I Have Really Enjoyed The Music Of Those Such As Megan Thee Stallion, The Weeknd, And Tyler, The Creator. I Am Yet To Listen To Beyonce's Recent Album Too, But From What I've Heard, I Believe That Pop Is Going Back To Its Good Roots.

I Also Believe That Music And Fashion Go Hand In Hand. The General Look Of The 2010s Has, As A Whole, Been Very Bland, Ugly, Boring, And Terrible To See Overall. But As The 2020s Progress, I Have Been Noticing That The General Look Of The Population Has Wholly Improved, And You Barely See Bad Outfits And Makeup Styles And Hairstyles Anymore. I Think This Actually Reflects The Quality Of Music Picking Back Up.

This Is Not To Say That There Is No Bad Music Anymore. The World Is Still Rife With Terrible Music In The Pop Sphere, Without A Doubt. But I Can See A Glimmer Of Hope. What Do You Think?

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