Fuck Camp Hex Discord

Imagine being so full of yourself that you literally have the audacity to accuse someone of something they didn't even do. Then you go above and beyond and blatantly state that you aren't going to do your due diligence as the admin of a group to see who's telling the truth and who's lying because it would "take too much time." If you're that hard pressed for time then why are you an admin? And to top matters off....to make things absolutely just 1000% VILE you use the excuse that the admin has "severe mental health issues" then turn around after you get called out on that and try to backtrack and say "I never said mental health issues I said health issues" WHEN I LITERALLY HAVE THE SCREENSHOTS?! If you're reading this I'm talking about Camp Hex on Discord. The admin there is absolutely vile and obscene and the entire discord needs to be fucking reported. 

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