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life ig??

omg it's been so long since i've posted on here. recently my sleeping schedule has been SO BAD LMAO. im trying to fix it as best as i can (emphasis on trying). in other news i recently watched ferris bueller's day off and IT WAS SO GOOD OMG. i relate to cameron sm. also i really like stranger things but the fandom is so weird 😭 its put me off from stranger things so much, as well as the fact that seeing stranger things EVERYWHERE makes me kinda sick of it. i heard someone say once that you should rotate your interests so as not to get sick of them, its kind of hard to do that when everywhere i go there's some ship war or something, it gets boring after a while. 

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i feel this. i wanna watch stranger things but its like.. too mainstream so im like.. naaahh.. i find i dont gravitate to mainstream things until years later when it becomes irrelevant XD if ur lookin for a good show to watch tho that isn't everywhere, try Inside Job on netflix. its a crazy show lol

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YOU'RE SO RIGHT OMG, i also do the same thing, I done the same thing with stranger things originally but while s3 was still the latest season. i find myself doing that a lot, watching shows/movies after their prime or when they were really popular, it just feels less in your face because not that many people are talking about it. also I have watched inside job! kinda... i watched the first episode but never got around to watching the rest, it seems pretty good tho.

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