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cds! vinyls! paychecks! packages! money!

hi! the title might be a bit confusing but i got my first paycheck on friday! and i am spending it on vinyls and cds that i want! cool, right? awesome! but they're expensive. like, as in, the lowest that ive spent so far is $150 for a cd + shipping & handling & taxes. okay, granted, that's the only purchase ive made so far. now im not complaining about the price because im getting kind of a rare cd (tally hall's good & evil - super excited for it!) and my edu kickstarter shirt should hopefully be coming today or tomorrow! speaking of today - got my school supplies and i got this super cute pencil case along w/ colorful pens!! so anyways, i got paid a ton for the first month and im just. so happy ab it. like im trying to get tally hall's complete demos, or maybe even the pingry ep if i could find it, but man!! guys. get a job if u can. the money is so worth it methinks! this blog isnt trying to brag or anything like that btw, but for those who are commenters, what would u buy with almost $1k? like give me an interest haul LOL

anyways ty for reading, just wanted to give this little update and share some good news :) ttyl <3

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