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Horror/disturbing movies iceberg

I have no goals in life really and nothing is motivating me but to watch entirely each movie on the iceberg. i've seen some classics but not all so i'll start off with that. I'll try and make this blog a journal and i'll try my hardest to review each tier and the movies in them. LMK if u see this blog and have any recommendations my chat is open so hmu. But i'll keep this updated.

[ Disclaimer - these are my personal ranks nothing against these movies]
What is the disturbing movies iceburg? > A subreddit formed on reddit of movies ranking from least to top scariest/most disturbing, u/Nice-Guy_Phil and u/Tiredcardinal are creators of one of the many so called icebergs created on reddit (which is the subreddit i'll be using for reference). 

Tier 1: 
- scream (1996) , really liked it honestly I liked the actors they played their characters well not too cliche but still thriller like no jump scares really and no gore(not that i remember) but some blood scenes. A good classic fs 9/10
- Scream VI (2023) a disappointment really 3/10 😕

-Dawn of the dead

- The Virgin suicides (1999) is this considered a horror movie? its more drama and romance but still it's a good classic.

-Hell fest (2018) some shit like this would happen in real life, i can definitely see it happening. The whole idea is great the nasty parts were just the right amount of nasty. was a little cringe. It's not too ironic and it's simple. 5/10

-Jeepers creepers (2001) isn't horrific for shit, nice movie but cliche, the movie cover makes it look scarier than it actually is. Still need to watch the rest of the series of movies tho.. 5/10

- Last shift (2015) i would’ve liked too see more of the story of the pagan group but overall I’d say it was alright. The actress did a good job and the makeup especially on the last guy w the pointy teeth looked insane. It’s more thriller in my opinion and has some decent jumpscares. 6/10

- the shining (1980) so Fkn creepy. I love it so much. It’s not scary but it’s super Erie which makes it scary. its such a good Classic. In my top favorites. The aesthetic and everything about it is just so well put together. The actors play their roles so well. This movie actually gave me chills the first time I watched it lol. 10/10

- cam (2018) good, not scary but surprising. Has a cool story line. It’s realistic in a sense that this shit can happen irl. It also has a lot of uncensored scenes they aren’t shy which is pretty cool. 8/10

-x (2022) thought it’d be like cam because they both are similar with the pornstar timeline thing but the movie is actually focused less on the main characters and more on the woman going on the killing spree. It’s kinda sad ngl cause it makes you think about beauty standards and just being loved in general and how as you get older that’ll all change. Not scary but like a shit ton of buttcheeks and killing. The actors played their roles so well and the accents were so spot on lol. I rec. 7/10

-the nightmare on elm street (2010) I liked this version better honestly cause there was more blood and just the graphics were better. It’s a must watch. 10/10

- Fresh (2022) I like this movie because it has a pretty good balance of gore in it. It’s not enough gore to put a average person off I guess but it is a little unsettling. The movie plays off of the fear most people have when they get on dating apps, which is coming across a serial killer. Well except the guy was a cannibal but same thing right.. and I like how they made the killer seem casual abt the whole killing ppl for a job thing. It could have easily portrayed a real life situation, a guy taking advantage of a situation and using it as profit by selling meat cuisine to the 1 percent of the 1 percent. Some shit that someone is probably out here doing lol. I showed this movie to my friend and she was mind blown 8/10 (sorta overhyped)

- Barbarian(2022) 9/10 I love this movie, I love how it gives the characters a background before killing them. It's really unexpected but the ending is so great. You gotta watch it twice to fully understand what had been going on under the houses. It kind of reminds me of the sugar tunnels in puppet combo. The whole idea of having a massive tunnel system used to do monstrosities out of sight is crazy, and honestly I wouldn't mind a second movie. The gore is great, the scenes and makeup are spot on but it's also not too much. 

- silent hill 7/10 graphics and costumes go crazy i love but also not scary 

- Childs play (1988) the og will always be my favorite out of the whole series, chucky has a good sense of humor lol this is why i love this movie. It's a good classic and i mean it's not scary but a must watch. The 1988 version is much more terrifying than for example, the bride of chucky, just cause the set has a more erie 80s look and the fkn doll in some scenes just looks gross. The newer chucky is more techy and less gross looking but def more modern, plus aubrey plaza.  10/10

- Child's play 2, childs play 3, seed of chucky, Bride of chucky, curse of chucky, cult of chucky, childs play (2019) 9/10
- Friday the 13th 
- the conjuring 
- The blair witch project 
- insidious 
- the ring 
- annabelle 
- the grudge 

Tier 2 :
- the texas chainsaw massacre 
- saw 
- the human centipede
- House of 1000 corpses 
- The hills have eyes 
- Hostel
- Terrifier 9/10 the movie is cliche and the characters have no background whatsoever but the gore makes up for it. I didn't expect those scenes from this movie. It's great just has no plot for it to be on tier two. But the scenes are so well done it's more believable than the scenes done in some of the movies in tier one. 
- Midsommar 10/10 Had to rewatch it a couple of times because I kept falling asleep, maybe it was the soundtrack but overall good movie. the cinematics are great and the movie just kept on getting crazier. It's really a distinct movie. I rec especially if you're into movies with an eerie atmosphere.
- tusk 

Tier 3 : 
- salo for the 120 days 
- The human centipede 2 
- suicide club 
-  Midori
- Martyrs
- A serbian film 
- Pink flamingos 
- Cannibal Holocaust 
- The house that jack built 
- tetsuo: The Iron man 

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Thanks I'll watch it.

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Martyrs is great, I hope you will like it :)

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omg it looks sick i'll definitely watch thank youuu

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