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(TW!) I Watched Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment so You Don't Have To

You may have seen this image floating around the internet, whether it be on TikTok, reddit, heck, even old people stuff like Facebook, even though I really doubt that someone would repost it on there. But anyways, a while ago, I stumbled upon the image and 'Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment' caught my eye, mainly because I saw some post something on TikTok about one of the movies successors, 'Guinea Pig: Mermaid in a Manhole,' and I remembered it, so I did a few google searches and found a re-posted version of the movie, and sat through the whole thing. The only way I could describe it was, it was a trip. Oh, and don't read this if you don't wanna spoil the movie for yourself.


The movie begins with on-screen text stating the following;

"Several years ago, I obtained a private video under the title Guinea Pig. Its commentary said that 'this is a report of an experiment on the breaking point of bearable pain and the corrosion of people's senses'... but it was, in fact, an exhibition of devilish cruelty as three perpetrators severely abused a woman. Note: 'Guinea Pig' is defined as any experimental material."

The actual movie begins with a woman/the woman mentioned in the on-screen text, is seen hanging motionless in an outdoor net before the first segment begins, 'hit.'

In this segment, Yegg/the woman mentioned in the pre-movie text, is hit by one of the three men who are assumingly holding her captive, starting out with the mans bare hand and evolving to coins inside of a sock, and as someone who has an irrational fear of touching coins, this part was the moment that made me arguably the most uncomfortable.

The next segment begins, 'kick,' and Yegg is on the floor, where the three men tell her to get up, before pushing her back down again and kicking her. Throughout this segment, she repeatedly tries to get up while she is being kicked, and this is also the (I believe, please correct me if I'm wrong) segment where she is identified as Yegg.

The third segment is 'claw,' where she is pinched on her right knuckle and forearm, in the fourth segment, 'spin,' she is spun in an office chair around 200 or more times, and at the halfway point, an entire bottle of alcohol is poured down her throat, so you could probably connect the dots on what happened at the end of the segment. Also, quick side-note, when I was in elementary school, there was a spiral twisty thing in the playground, and during recess for a solid week, me and my friends would get onto the twisty thing and spin around on it, and usually I would be the last one on because everyone else fell off, this segment weirdly enough, despite being the half-way point, oddly the most tame, and if I'm being honest, the segment that seems would be the most fun? I don't know what I'm saying at this point.

The fifth segment is called 'sound,' and Yegg is strapped to a chair (again) and is forced to listen to 20-24 hours of loud white noise. The next segment, 'skin,' shows Yegg getting one of her fingernails ripped off, and it isn't one of those slowly-ripping ones, it's ripped off fast, like a bandaid, not to add that it also isn't all that close up, so if you blinked at the right time, you probably could have no idea what went on. Halfway through the segment, a woman is seen hanging in the net mentioned earlier. The woman in the net is never actually identified, however, it is assumed that the woman in the net is Yegg, so I'll keep calling her that.

The next segment is 'burn,' where Yegg is laid out on a table as scolding hot oil is poured onto her arms, burning her. 'Worm' is next, and maggots are poured onto Yegg, and I'd like to mention that maggots can eat dead tissue/skin, so it's technically helping? Also, as the maggots are poured onto her, Yegg's actress laughs, and they didn't cut that out of the movie for some reason. Next is 'guts,' and the three men throw organs and other bodily things onto Yegg while she's unconcious, before she wakes up and starts screaming, after this, her hand is sliced open and hit with a hammer, and when I watched the movie for the first time, I actually couldn't make it through this part and I had to close the tab I was watching it in for a hot second before watching it again.
The final and tenth segment is 'needle,' and is also the segment on the cover art. In the background, you can hear a nail being grinded down into something more thin, hence the title of the segment, and to make a long story short, Yegg's neck is held down as the needle is pushed through her left temple, and through her eye. For a little bit of context, I wear glasses and generally have a fear of eye stuff in general, so this was the second most uncomfortable scene in the movie for me. This scene in particular also seemed really well made, as before the 'money shot,' Yegg's eye wells up with blood before the needle comes out, so I really hope the cast had fun filming that scene.

Yegg is then seen again hanging unmoving in the outdoor net once again, and she's been unmoving in other scenes with the net, so the ending is really up to debate, hell, the ending can even be considered ambiguous with whether or not Yegg is actually dead. The on-screen text comes back and states;

"The details of this experiment were missing when I received this video but the name, age and other information of the woman and the three men in this video are under investigation."

This movie was a good (but low budget) introduction to the Guinea Pig series, and if you were to watch the second movie before the first, (which, why would you in the first place?) you wouldn't get a good enough picture of what the series has to offer.

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