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8/7/22 blog - new fallout fanlore dropped >;)

haiii everyone!!!!!! >:) ill be talkin abt my new fanlore project (not 2 be confused w da ones that already exist!). Thiz unfourtenly will not b a mod cuz i cant program buuuuuuuutt its written like it iz one w quests and everything!!!! itz still a massive WIP but what better way to introduce it other than show the intro slides? >;) (note: there are no pictures...yet!)

also...why not show the one thats already been worked on too? :3 will start w dat one then the new one ;)

so...heres the intro for the first dlc-esque written fanproject--Library7!

(Narrated by a monotone, slightly robotic woman's voice)

1: none

2: none

3: It is well known that vault tec never planned on saving anyone other than themselves, the vaults being a tool used for the Enclave’s dream of colonizing a new earth. 

4: Of course, they ultimately failed, being swept away by the hands of time with hardly a soul to remember them in humanity’s newest chapter...

5: But death is never the end.

6: In a last ditch effort to get the final laugh, the Enclave had created an island before the great war—Library7.

7: Located off the coast of The Commonwealth, it was a place where they tried to make gods.

8: Specimens that were nearly immortal and had the intelligence to rival a supercomputer, servants that would surely serve the Enclave well. Of course, the project was a failure…

9: We’re all aware of how stubborn humanity can be, it’s what led to the end after all.

10: Stubbornness that led to the remaining 14 specimens being preserved within an underground chamber.

11: Hundreds of years passed, the wasteland changing while Library7 did not.

12: Not a single soul reached the island during that time, a monument to vault tec’s talent for secrecy and exclusionism. 

13: Or rather, their desire for such things.

14: On a day so eerily silent it nearly resembled the final moments of the old world, the chamber had opened.

15: The specimens who were created to serve a master who has died long ago have continued their work, unaware of the death of what created them…

16: …A mockery of what humanity once dreamt.

Now itz time for da latest one...Gold Dystopia!

(narrated by a robotic, childish girl's voice)

1: None

2: None

3: Vault 901 was a mystery even to the traders that stepped foot within its tunnels.

4: Rumored to be a city of hermits like the brotherhood, Vault 901 was known for its exclusivity and intrigue. 

5: You see, nobody truly leaves 901.

6: Even those allowed to trade and make contact with select members have reported massive, unexplainable changes to their psyche.

7: A phenomenon with no name that affects everyone within it’s grasp.

8: It latches onto them like a parasite, destroying them from the inside, and by the time they realize what’s happening it’s already too late.

9: Rumors about curses spread about 901, some going as far to say it was a facility whose goal was to create a new ultra powerful mind control disease.

10: No one could prove this, of course. 

11: What was known for certain was the face of the one who ruled the walled kingdom:

12: An ai who called itself The Duchess, creating a devoted society from a vault it was tasked with running.

13: Supplies were plentiful—traders can attest to how eerily stocked everything was. Weapons, food, ammo, vault 901 had it all.

14: The issue was…vault 901 had seemingly no way of obtaining those supplies.

15: No outsiders were allowed in, keeping what goes on within the kingdom a protected secret.

16: But we all know that every kingdom will fall someday.

 Ehehehehe~ i hope yall liked it!!! :D more info will be dropped soon ;)

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