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Musical Artists!!! (ANYONE WHO MAKES MUSIC)

I just joined this site yesterday and I'm overwhelmed by how dope everyone on here seems lol! I'm noticing sooo many of you make music, have a band,  etc. and I GENUINELY want to hear it all, so please comment your band name/spotify link/anywhere I can find you, etc. I will probably make a playlist of all of them and add to my profile  (when I figure that part out lmao) <3 

BTW if you are seeing this and don't make music or know anyone who makes music, comment your favorite band/artist. Always interested in new music, all music is welcome. 

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hey! also so excited about this site + music here. i play guitar in a nyc pop-punk band called smooth brain. check out our spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/52Tam576qS6p8Eh0SOPRs9

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HELL YESSS!! hahaha smooth brain, i absolutely love it! add me to your monthly listeners!!

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freaking love this music by the way, you guys are all so talented!!!

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ahh tysm!! you rock :)

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