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Introduction :p

Hi, This is just a little introduction since I really need some friends.

My name is Elliot n Im a minor (Message me 4 age but u first LOL)
Im a girl n use she/her pronouns B)

Some stuff i like are BruceDropEmOff, Tyler the creator, Kanye, Minecraft, Roblox , music and like other stuff like that idk. IF U SEE THIS AND WANNA BE FRIENDS PLS MESSAGE ME YALL R SO DRY ON HERE
(if u looked something up and i didnt say it here look at keywords)

Key words:
Introduction, About me, Kanye Tyler the creator Joji Sam and colby Sam golbach colby brock jake webber music rap minecraft GTA gta5 Bruce DropEmOff DEO Drop em off YRG YourRage Kai Cenat AMP AMP DAVIS Chris Albertstuff Flamingo Albert AretzĀ  Tyler Okonma MF DOOM PS4 Games Discord Instagram Friends Shifting Realites Diary of a wimpy kid Greg Heffley Rodrick NotMyRodrick Minor Looking for Friends

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i meant she/they if any of u care

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