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8/4/22 blog - today was way better!!! :D

I went out shoppin and gots a few room decor stuffz since my room iz p emptyyyyy decor wise. It really does make a difference :0 liek it feels...nicer? Like i'm doin the whole creepy cute/creepy + cute mixture and even just simple thingies like posters made my room feel so much better to be in!!! I got a neat n cheap little letter board so I'm making it say fallout refs :D!!!!!

So yyeh!!!! doin way better today!!!! even if there waz some lows im celebrating the highs super hard toniteeeeee babbaaayyyyyyyy.

LIEK I EVEN GOT THIS MASSIVE SQUISHMALLOW???? HELLO????? how tf was it less than 30 bucks 0-0 itz extremely cute and so big and soft aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fitz nicely w my 3 foot long rabbit mr wiggles morichika alsoooooo i met some1 who is super weird and i cannot understand half the shit they say BUT jokes on god thats exactly what i luv xD new queerplatonic crush dropped????? im an incomphrensible man if im not also with someone as incomprehensible is it really a union?

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