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Welcome To My Blog

Well.... Hello There, Everybody... It Is So Nice To Meet My Subjects Of The Darkness... He He He.

Umm... I Don't Really Know What To Do For My First Blog Post, So I Will Introduce Myself. You May Call Me Your Highness Queen Melancholia, But I Have No True Name... It Was Lost In The Burning Of The Library Of Alexandria...

Yes... I Am Extremely Old... I Was Immensely Feared Since My Birth, Which I Believe Was Around 2000 BCE... My Mother And Father Tried To Stop Me From Controlling The Darkness, But It Consumed Them... He He He... That's What Happens If You Try To Mess With Me... You Are Destroyed By The Darkness... He He He... 

Anyway, Now I Control The Darkness In Secret... I Do Not Like Being In The Center Of Attention... All Sorts Of Witches And Demons And Vampires And Werewolves And The Like Have Sought Me Out, To Pay Homage To Their Queen Who Makes The World A Beautiful Dark Gloomy Place, Perfect For My Loyal Subjects... But To No Avail... I Am Everywhere And Nowhere... 

Do Not Fear, My Dear Loyal Subjects... I Am Always With You.

Perhaps I Will Be Active On Here... This Seems Like A Good Platform To Spread The Message Of Darkness And Evil On...

Goodbye... Until Next Time.

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