academics! ...and the desirables

academics. grades. school. these three words, upon a myriad of other synonyms, make me shudder. scream. shout. let it all out, even! but! do not let that (nor this entire blog post) deter you from doing well in school!! stay in school and seriously - try to do well.

now, without further ado, let's complain!

okay, seriously though, what's the point of academics? i mean, yeah, sure, math, reading, language, science, history, sure, i get that those core subjects could help a ton, and i even support them being taken! a BASIC LEVEL. as in, there is no need for geometry when i should instead be learning how to file taxes and pay my mortgage because i'm going into college soon. no, i mean, seriously - tell me 3 things you've retained from AT LEAST algebra. yeah, me neither. the only subject that i support learning at a critical level is reading and writing, but maybe that's simply my "writer" side emerging or something. science, i guess? it helps us better understand the world around us, but i kind of don't care about the cleavage of a rock. now, no shade if you do! like, if you're super into these things then by all means live your life shamelessly and rock your knowledge! but me personally. yeah no. idk how i passed the standardized tests for some of these subjects. i like to think that my prayers worked.

in the title, i mentioned "the desirables". what exactly are the desirables? glad you asked! they consist of the following:
  • the desire to be booksmart (aka high grades)
  • the desire to be favorited by a teacher
  • the desire to question the nonsense you may be learning (subjective)
  • the desire to ESCAPE THE ROOM
i didn't make these off the top of my head, what're you referring to? anyways, think about this: what do you think this all stems from, my dear friend? ill give you some time.

if you said academics, congratulations! i'll give you the 100 on that one. my point is incoherent at the moment, so let me simplify my babbling: academics stress out students. the pressure of such desirables being presented to us immensely takes a toll on our health, mentally and physically. the school system, at least in my country? scam, ngl. like i said, why am i learning about a 30 60 90 triangle when i have absolutely no clue on how to work a bank account?

and don't even get me started on standardized tests. seriously. they aren't necessary and don't define one's intelligence.

remember: you are NOT your grades; they don't define you.

now, with that said, go get those 90s and 95s and make both of us proud. i strongly encourage college. you don't need it to succeed but...still go anyway, you have a higher likelihood (i think?) you've got this, don't let any teacher nor report card nor thought tell you you don't.

thanks for reading if you've made it this far. it means you're literate! hooray! ttyl :)

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