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i make sucky choices involving money

okay so i found my old ps2 slim in my closet, i jumped the gun and spent the rest of my money on a power cord and memory card, turns out it didn't even work and now i cant cancel the orders UGHH. i tried doing technician shit on it and it didn't work so i gave up on it but ended up getting some extra money, BRO on ebay, the ps2 of any model is either too expensive or too risky to buy. like one ad is like "ps2 console great condition with controllers and games.... for $200!!" then there's another that's like "ps2 console untested no controllers or cords" too risky!.

so i did a dumb thing, i bought a fucking ps1.. it was discounted and good for my price range so i bought it out of desperation. i then felt bad for buying it so i tried to comfort myself by saying that the ps1 is kind of rare so maybe itll be worth some money one day... but then i realized that owning a ps1 nowadays is pointless. the psp, most models of ps2 and all models of ps3 play ps1 games so i tried to cancel the order and guess what?? it was too late.. so now i gotta just take what i bought and figure it out. meh cant be too bad, besides the ps1 is cool along side the start up menu and i can play it on my bigger tv compared to the psp screen. 
okay but besides that fiasco, my sisters been living with me and my parents for abit now and the best thing ever happened, shes going on a camping trip and wont be back for a few days. so now i get some much needed time to myself. dont get me wrong, i love her and shes my best friend but i just like to be alone sometimes and plus her kids drive me nuts. 

ima try and post more, XOXO,

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