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The KYPIAI ΔOΞAI of Epicurus

When I'm neither singing nor yelling at customers,
I'm moonlighting as a philosopher.

A compilation of the Kuriai Doxai, the "Principal", "Key", or "Authorized Docrtines" of Epicurus, containing the contributions of Charles Duke Yonge (1853), William Wallace (1880), Robert Drew Hicks (1910), Cyril Bailey (1926), Norman W. De Witt (1954), R. M. Geer (1964), A. A. Long &, D. N. Sedley (1987), Eugene O'Connor (1993) Brad Inwood & Lloyd P. Gerson (1994), Erik Anderson (2004), Odysseus Makridis (2005), Peter Saint-Andre (2008), George K. Strodach (2012), Pamela Mensch (2018), and Stephen White (2021).

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