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Friends.. What Do I Do?

Today I decided to hang out with my friends (M and V) , haven't seen them in a week and they were really excited to see me, but when they came over all they did was cuddle. I felt the entire time I was third wheeling, and they didn't even wanna see me!!! They love my basement, so maybe they just wanted to be in there. And whenever I left the room, they made out on MY couch!!! V would come up to my room and tell me what they've been doing, like she was proud.... It was really disrespectful and I felt major left out, and they know that I've been feeling pretty down because I dumped my ex-bf me and acted like a major psycho. I had to ask them to leave because how I felt. Let me know if I am overthinking and if I were being rude..!!! :((

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Actual Acorn

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wtf that is insanely rude of them. it almost sounds like they were taunting you. idk your friends ofc but if i were in your situation that's how i would have interpreted it.

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That's how I felt too.. It was sooooo disrespectful!

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