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Latent Update (oops)

I didn't forget!!! I sort of didn't forget. Okay, I forgot. But I remembered!

Anyway, let me catch you up on my last couple of days- 

So, Friday me and my lovely boyfriend Kirby went on a romantic sunset river cruise aboard the Southern Belle in Chattanooga. It was really amazing, the boat slowly meandered down river and we just held each other, watched the water and listened to the live music from a couple feet away. The weather was absolutely perfect, it just so happened to coincide with that one day right between summer and fall. It was awesome. Kirby was cold but he's always cold and I wrapped myself around him the whole time so it's okay UwU

After we deboarded, we immediately noticed that this place was haunted as shit- not so much the Southern Belle, which isn't even 40 years old, but The President- the 100 year old casino steamboat docked permanently at that pier which is now used as the gift shop for the Southern Belle. Kirby was the first to notice it but I did just moments later; we're both very spiritually intuitive.

First, we felt a warm, welcoming, magnetic 'Hotel California' energy, as if there were dozens of unseen stewards catering to us and the rest of the guests. As we walked through the gift shop, things were presented to us. For instance, the very first thing I saw was a mug with my name on it that was extremely far away from it's dedicated shelf. The next thing we saw after that was a hunting knife key ring, swinging violently back and forth on a rack where there were a hundred more, but none of them were swinging. The name above the slot for that particular one was Ben- Kirby's dad's name. Spooky O...O

After that... we both sort of looked up to the second level deck and were immediately floored with absolutely rancid vibes. Kirby really, really wanted to go explore up there but I, being the coward I am, was very resistant. He ended up going to the bathroom, but on his way back, Kirby saw this game table with a six sided die and decided to try to use it to make contact with the spirits on the boat:

"Even for yes, odd for no; did you fuck with the knife or was that a coincidence?"

*Die rolls and lands on four*

He excitedly came over and showed it to me, and I immediately had an idea. I picked up the die and asked "Are we welcome upstairs?"

*Die lands on one*

Suffice to say, we did not go upstairs that day, but we still managed to seriously piss off all of the spirits on the ship, and we immediately got the fuck out of there. There's way more to this story, I'll update again later in depth, stay tuned for that if you wish.

We wrapped up the evening with dinner at Big River Grille. Kirby had a caesar salad and I had the chicken mac and cheese, which was absolutely fucking immaculate if I do say so myself- although it was gone in like 5 minutes flat, I hadn't eaten all day and was absolutely famished.

The next day, yesterday, I had dinner with my grandparents at Cyra's, one of my favourite restaurants in Dalton. I got a rack of lamb for the first time in ages and it was just perfect, that's the only way to describe it. It was paired with this red wine risotto and stewed spinach and the lamb itself was blanketed in an immaculate demi glaze that perfectly complimented the flavor. It was all incredible. Not to mention they gave me this little box of macadamia nut cookies and a handwritten card for my birthday, which was so special- little details like that really make the experience. 

Anyway, I'm about to go to work but I'll update next time something interesting happens xoxo 

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