being gay and poetry :p

idk how many months ago, i wrote a poem about hugging my friend and how they made me feel nice and good and safe.

 but on may 20th at 3:51 pm he asked me out and i've been so happy with him ever since :3 e is so good to me and he is so nice he is so cool. i  just love everything about him and i really like his nose its shaped so nice and its so pretty i am in love with him and his awesome nose. its so fun to play with and poke XDDDDD!!!!

but yah life has been going pretty good for me and ive been very greatful for all the things happening and all the things i have gotten over the months. like today i went chool shopping and i got a few shirts and shorts then i got some supplies too.

i got a planner, a notebook, 2 folders, some pens, and thats it tbh, but i filled out my planner with enough info and stuff that i know is happening in this month and the coming months. i really like my plnner and it brings me joy to know what all is happening, ik i could just use my phone but i just really prefer to have physical planner its more fun and customizable 

ok friends thts all for now thank u if you read all this lol :)

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